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Cloud computing is providing developers and IT departments with the ability to focus on what matters most and avoid undifferentiated work like procurement, maintenance, and capacity planning. As cloud computing has grown in popularity, several different models and deployment strategies have emerged to help meet specific needs of different users. Each type of cloud service, and deployment method, provides you with different levels of control, flexibility, and management. Understanding the differences between Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service, as well as what deployment strategies you can use, can help you decide what set of services is right for your needs.

If you've made a decision to adopt one of Salesforce clouds, it's crucial to set it up the right way. We'll help your team embrace the new technology by configuring it to your business specifics and providing them with the necessary documentation and training.

Cloud infrastructure can be categorized based on the target user community. If the cloud infrastructure is open to everyone and is shared by a large number of customers, then it is referred to as a public cloud. The cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon, Google, Rackspace, Salesforce.com and Microsoft are examples of public clouds. Some IT organizations are adopting a cloud computing model inside their organization to serve their internal users. These kinds of clouds are being referred to as private clouds. A private cloud could be hosted inside an IT organization or a cloud vendor such as Rackspace can customize a part of their infrastructure for a specific company. A private cloud helps an IT organization to offer itself as a service to business users.


You need a partner with the knowledge and reach to provide the best talent to meet your organizational goals. Our presence in over 60 markets across the U.S. and Canada coupled with our strong industry and skill focus enable us to address critical gaps in the workforce.
What sets us apart:
We specialize in 16 unique skill areas within Infrastructure, Application Development, Security and PMO technical disciplines.
We have industry specialists to support technical needs for all major industries.
Ultimately, the heart of Apex is our people. Our team is committed to the core purpose of helping organizations thrive by connecting them to proven professionals who can support their programs. It is the reason our employees display unwavering dedication to providing the nation’s best IT staffing and services.

USA Staffing , UK Staffing and Asian Countries

We’re a proud member of NPAworldwide, the global network of independent recruiters. Thus we connect recruiters to top candidates and candidates to fantastic careers. Across six continents. So if want to hire or be hired overseas, speak to us.


We have helped put companies find talent they cannot find themselves. Putting together core teams in hundreds of startups (venture- and PE-funded companies) and established companies (Indian and foreign MNCs), across locations & industries.

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