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Automation Testing

Automation testing is a technique uses an application to implement entire life cycle of the software in less time and provides efficiency and effectiveness to the testing software.

Automation testing is an Automatic technique where the tester writes scripts by own and uses suitable software to test the software. It is basically an automation process of a manual process. Like regression testing, Automation testing also used to test the application from load, performance and stress point of view.

In other word, Automation testing uses automation tools to write and execute test cases, no manual involvement is required while executing an automated test suite. Usually, testers write test scripts and test cases using the automation tool and then group into test suites.

The main goal of Automation testing is to increase the test efficiency and develop software value.

What kinds of functions to automate using Automation testing tools:

It’s true that everything is not to be automated using Automation testing process, things to be automated are; login forms, registration forms,and the place where numbers of users access the Software simultaneously can be automated. Moreover, all GUI items, connections with databases, field validations and many-more can be efficiently tested automatically rather than manually.

Application Development

Aeindri Infotech has spent years following and refining project management strategies designed to optimize the definition, development, testing, and deployment of IT solutions for large and small corporations. From whiteboard to requirements and from development to testing, Aeindri Infotech expertly guides you through the steps that ensure that new technological efforts release without missteps. Aeindri Infotech works with you to find the innovative solutions that support your business requirements and foster increased revenue, profitability, and a high return on investmen

Experts in Programming Languages

Aeindri Infotech software developers are well versed in all major programming languages used in business technology today. Aeindri Infotech can provide experts in languages including (but not limited to):
C, C++, Java
Oracle, DB2, SQL Server
Perl, PHP, Phyton, Ruby On Rails
Our programmers evaluate your requirements and code to the specifics of your project’s components. Aeindri Infotech will custom build your applications to fit your platform, providing the most cost-effective development process available. Aeindri Infotech will work in all major integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse, Anjuta C/C++, and PHPEdit.



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